And passion isn’t one of them

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The confidence to ask, and the value you add

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  • Develop your writing and prove your experience in an in-demand niche.
  • Create and publish portfolio samples that demonstrate expertise and show clients what they can expect.
  • Move to per-project writing rates for transparency.
  • Demonstrate reliability and professionalism throughout your dealings with clients.
  • Understanding your client, their ability and desire…

Details of our freelance revenue, expenses, profits, and more from 2020, and the impact of COVID

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  • Share our business finances transparently, straight from our bookkeeping and tax returns.
  • Show that small businesses can create a reasonable income, even tiny ones like ours!
  • Inspire other people that you really can make money working for yourself, although it’s not the easiest thing.
  • Explain our challenges and plans, because…


Understand how to capture the money coming into and going out of your business and what that means for your freelance taxes

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  • Freelance revenue: The money that’s coming into your freelance business.
  • Freelance expenses: The money you…


See questions and answers to help you understand the basics of accounting and taxes

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  • Accountants and bookkeeping —types of accounting, an explanation of bookkeeping, accounting reports.
  • Filing freelance taxes — the tax filing process, types of taxes you’ll need to pay, and filing for yourself.
  • Revenues, expenses, and profits —money coming into, going out of, and staying in your freelance business.
  • Freelance statuses —self-employment, pass-through income, and business structures.


Explore sole-proprietors, LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporations, and what they mean for freelance taxes

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Use this freelance-focused expense list to make sure you’re claiming all the expenses you can

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How, when, and why freelancers need to file a Form W-9

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These guides only contain general information and are not a substitute for professional advice or official sources


Become a master of balancing your bank account and exist in a state of perpetual calm

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Discover how a business bank account, EIN, bookkeeping system, and more can help

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